Crete, Greece

Journal Entry: Fly into the Chania International Airport, on the Akrotiri Peninsula of the Greek island of Crete. Drive along wavy roads through the arid landscape and within minutes the land gives way to clear turquoise waters.

We stayed at Divine Villas, a complex of eight luxurious and modern structures designed by the Danish Family, Herstal. The interiors reflect the family’s Scandinavian sense of style, while maximizing views of the Cretan sea and mountains. Our stay was, in fact, divine.


Only 700 meters from our Divine Villa was Maherida Beach, a small beach covered in black rocks, red earth, and turquoise water. Fair warning and to our surprise, this secluded beach mainly attracts nudists.


After watching the sun rise over the mountains and lounging by the pool all day, we embarked on our nightly outing to Stavros to eat at Elena’s Garden Taverna or Zorbas Taverna near Stavros Beach. The sun sets over the ocean  while dining at Sunset Taverna located at Sunset Beach.


The Egyptian Lighthouse in the Venetian Port of Chania are not to be missed.


Contributor: Josefa Abdelnour

Dates of Travel: August 2017

Accommodations: Divine Villas

Activities: Akrotiri Peninsula, ChaniaEgyptian Lighthouse, Maherida Beach, Stavros Beach, Sunset Beach, Venetian Port




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